Can analytics benefit HR without de-humanizing the outcome? Workforce analytics has the potential to significantly shape policy and actions in organizations. It provides an opportunity to see the organization’s most valuable resources in a new, more revealing light and take advantage of previously hidden opportunities to drive better business outcomes. It enables leaders to discern previously unconnected patterns and trends and develop an evidence-based perspective of vital workforce challenges and opportunities.

The true value of workforce analytics lies in its ability to better inform decision makers, as opposed to removing human decision making from the equation.

Has your organization harnessed the power of Workforce Analytics?
Sign-up now to this free webinar and join Dr. Sheri L. Feinzig and Jonathan A. Ferrar to learn how organizations are using analytics to extract and apply insights about their workforce and the unique factors enabling or inhibiting the application of analytics in HR.

Webinar is taking place on April 14th, 15.00 pm CET / 9.00 am EDT / 14.00 pm BST


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