The Workforce Analytics Summit Came To London

We truly got the ball that is the Workforce Analytics Summit global series rolling this year, and the third stop of the HR Analytics road show brought us to the British capital on 13-14 October achieving a great success as over 92.5% of the summit’s attendees would recommend the event to their colleagues.

As Juliana Freitas, Lead HR Information & Analytics Manager at Unilever commented:

“It was very rich in terms of exchanging experiences and best practices with HR and Analytics professionals of other companies and industries, some very good case studies as well.”

This was also echoed by Hendrik Feddersen, Head of HRIS at European Medicines Agency who commented:

“Positively surprised how much one can still learn on the subject.”

and also by  Neil Claypole HR Director Insight & Analytics Mcgraw-Hill Financial:

“Friendly Conference with engaging speakers and good networking opportunities.”

It is always a pleasure to have such a great audience, as well as some truly inspiring and exceptional speakers on board.

Ian Cook, Product Management Director of our Diamond Sponsor Visier opened the event with an intense 3-hour pre-conference workshop on data-driven HR, and in particular on how Analytics can help build a convincing datastory through the use of the right kind of data visualization in order to influence business leaders and help better, insight driven decision making. The expectations of HR is changing, now, with the right use of analytics HR indeed may help in shaping not only people but also overall business strategy.

The event officially started by Shay McConnon bringing down the house with one of his trademark highly engaging presentations on individualizing employee engagement, setting the lighthearted, informal tone of the conference.

As Shay highlighted, the challenges to true engagement is that people’s needs are drastically different, needs constantly fluctuate hence an annual engagement survey is nothing but a duck-tape approach without real value. In order to manage engagement at an individual level, constant feedback mechanism must be built in the culture and people must be empowered to take ownership for their own engagement as well – leadership will only impact if it becomes a partnership.

Dana Minbaeva, Professor of Strategic and Global HRM at the Copenhagen Business School, and founder of Human Capital Analytics Group talked about the best practices and the most common mistake that HR make within their Analytics functions, that is, starting with data instead of approaching HR Analytics from an actual business problem perspective.

We are proud to feature Dana on our Judges’ Panel for the Workforce Anayltics Excellence Awards 2016.

Among other speakers, we also had the pleasure to welcome Claire Gannon, Global Director of HR, People Analytics & Data Governance at Schneider Electric, who spoke about her company’s journey on HR analytics how building strategic alliances with IT and Finance can be one of the cornerstones of success.

The second day of the summit featured some yoga moves an inspiring and practical presentation by Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, General Manager, People Insight at McKinsey, who shared five valuable lessons inspired by workforce analytics on how to build an adaptive rather than reactive attitude when it comes to organizational changes.

David Littlechild, Head of Culture and Engagement at Lloyds Banking Group joined us to demonstrate the relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance, and share the know-how of creating the best team at an organization by e.g. changing the way company leaders respond to engagement survey data.

The second day also featured sessions on two dedicated streams, one focusing on laying the foundation for businesses venturing into Workforce Analytics, and a more advanced stream for companies looking to move on from the basics of HR Analytics and towards applying predictive analytics to their business strategy.

The Birds-of-a-feather “unconference” session offered a unique opportunity to exchange ideas among like-minded professionals on a topic of interest.

The summit came to a close by an uplifting, awards winning keynote on the challenges and benefits of long term, Strategic Workforce Planning at BT and by Edward Pertwee, Head of Workforce Planning at BT Group.

Being the third stop in our Workforce Analytics Summit series, the London event proved to us and our delegates that while HR Analytics is still in its infancy for many businesses, more and more companies make their first tentative steps towards creating a proper Workforce Analytics function within their organization, and start making use of the massive amounts of data they gather. Having talked to our delegates and asked for their input, another important learning for us has been that most of those who are already active in HR Analytics are in dire need of practical advice as to how to venture into turning reporting and analysis into predictions to build on for their business strategy, and -more importantly- are willing to go that extra mile.

Predictive Analytics is still seen as somewhat of the promised land of HR analytics, and the subject of fierce debates between professionals in the field. While there is no doubt that “going predictive” is ultimately the way to go, it is not enough to merely gather data and draw conclusions from that, these predictions have to be translated into actionable recommendations for CHROs and corporate leaders.

We hope that many case studies at Workforce Analytics Excellence Awards 2016 will demonstrate such success, and if you have such a story, don’t hesitate and submit your entry today for the awards of your choice.

Our global summit journey continues, in 2016 we will endeavour to find out whether HR leaders are willing to go beyond predictive and embrace prescriptive analytics at our upcoming Workforce Analytics Summits on the following locations. Mark your calendar and join the fastest growing summit series on the subject, connecting over 700 HR Analytics professionals globally.

  1. Amsterdam – 8-9 March 2016.
  2. Sydney – 10-11 May 2016
  3. New York – 24-25 May 2016
  4. London – 25-26 Oct 2016
  5. Singapore 22-23 Nov 2016

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